We’d like to invite you to 2017 Global Creative City Forum.

Daegu Creative City Forum is hosting its second Creative City Global Forum under the theme of “City Innovation for better lives and youths”. Through the cooperation and creativity of citizens in March, 2015 to make ‘Creative City, Dageu’ The establishment of Daegu Creative City Forum was led by citizens in March, 2015, through the creativity and cooperation of citizens for the realization of “Happy citizens and creative city” in Daegu. Daegu Creative City Forum has decided to host this year’s conference in order to make it an opportunity to contemplate about the ways to change Daegu and to search for innovative future, to prepare for the upcoming ‘The Fourth Wave’. For that purpose, we composed the forum into the following four sessions: City of opportunity, Joyful City, City of Involvement, and Special Session in which youths and international students can participate together. Through this forum, which invites experts from various nations, we would like to share the wisdom for ‘transforming a city into a diverse city’, ‘enlarging its sustainability’, ‘attracting talented individuals’, and ‘providing abundant job opportunities to them’, where everyone can live their lives joyfully. It will be a great chance for you to grasp this field’s international pace and understand how it is changing. I wish for your enthusiastic participation.

Kim Young-Hwa,President, Daegu Creative City Forum

Event Outline

General Outline

  • Title of the Forum

    OPEN DAEGU for The Fourth Wave

  • Topic

    City Innovation for better lives and youths

  • Date

    November 30th, 2017 (Thursday)

  • Place

    Novotel Ambassador Hotel Daegu.


  • 09:30~10:00

    Participants Registration

  • 10:00~10:20

    Opening Concert

  • 10:20~10:40

    Opening Ceremony

  • 10:40~12:10

    Keynote Speech(Champagne Hall)

  • 12:10~13:30

    Luncheon and networking

  • 13:30~15:30

    City of Opportunity(Champagne Hall)Joyful City(Provence Hall)City of Involvement(Burgundy Hall)

  • 15:30~15:50

    Break Time

  • 15:50~17:20

    Special Session(Champagne Hall)

  • 17:20~17:50

    Wrap Up Session(Champagne Hall)

  • 17:50~18:30

    Networking Time / Closing

Keywords for the Forum

Keynote Speech

  • Specific ways to innovate the society and the city through Living Lab.
  • Predicting the future and the platform for city innovation.
  • Innovation 2.0, Multiple Helix

City of Opportunity

  • Smart Citizen, Design Thinking, Future Center
  • The 4th Industrial Revolution, Realization of Living Lab for the Smart City
  • Digital Transformation, Entrepreneurship

Joyful City

  • Building social innovation governance for the next generations, through using digital elements.
  • Cultural diversity, Technological evolution and diversity-based connectivity.
  • Future of Cities, Urban Spaves, New Deal For Cities.

City of Involvement

  • Citizen involvement based on open data, Citizen Science
  • Social Innovation Ecosystem and Social Funding
  • Social Innovation Methods based on Open-Data, and Ways to Innovate the Society.

Special Session

  • Meeting with foreign members of the youth and discussing youth issues.

Detailed Information about Each Session

Keynote Speech (Champagne Hall, 10:40~12:10)


It introduces the living lab that citizen participates directly in the problem solving process facing
the city and society and carries out the experiment in the life, predicts the future change of the environment in the city,
Explore the direction of platform deployment


Tuija Hirvikoski : Living lab–based social innovation and cooperative governance for the next generation.

Choi Yoon-Sik : The 4th Wave is Coming

  • Chairperson
  • Kim Young Hwa
  • President
  • Daegu Creative City Forum

  • Speaker
  • Tuija Hirvikoski
  • President
  • ENoLL

  • Speaker
  • Choi Yoon-Sik
  • CEO & President
  • Asia Futures HT Institute

  • Panel
  • Kwon Up
  • President
  • Daegu Technopark

City of Opportunity (Champagne Hall, 13:30~15:30)


For the substantiality of industries and corporations that are the foundation of the innovation economy,
the direction of the city's digital transformation and the way of contributing to the urban innovation through
human-centered design thinking


Toni Drescher : Digital Transformation towards Smart Cities

Kim Jeong Tae : City of Opportunity: Why and how human-centered Design Thinking services to the Innovation of city

  • Chairperson
  • HeeDae Kim
  • Director
  • Daegu Technopark

  • Speaker
  • Toni Drescher
  • CEO
  • KEX Knowledge Exchange AG

  • Speaker
  • Kim Jeong Tae
  • CEO and President
  • Merry Year Social Company

  • Panel
  • Kim Cheol Han
  • Professor
  • Daejeon University

  • Panel
  • Kim Hyun Deok
  • Professor
  • Kyung Pook National University

Joyful City (Provence Hall, 13:30~15:30)


Presenting a method about the rise of a lifestyle city that fits the creative future of cities and
presenting a new housing culture, suggesting ways to create various urban spaces


Mo Jong Ryn : The Rise of the Lifestyle City: Creative futures of Korean cities

Goran Ivo Marinovic : Mirage of Social Inclusion Embedded in Top-down Housing Solution Two Chilean Case Studies of Incremental Housing

  • Chairperson
  • Nam Ihn Sook
  • President
  • Daegu Art Factory

  • Speaker
  • Mo Jong Ryn
  • Dean & Professor
  • Graduate School of International Studies Yonsei University

  • Speaker
  • Goran Ivo Marinovic
  • Professor
  • Keimyung University

  • Panel
  • Hong Keong Gu
  • Professor
  • Dankook University

  • Panel
  • Park Yeon Hee
  • Head

City of Involvement (Burgundy Hall, 13:30~15:30)


Establish a platform to help citizens meet themselves and explore new directions
for citizens to innovate themselves through open data


Maruyama Shigeki : The Importance and Practice of Welfare Service by active citizen participation

Lee Jae Heung : Digital social innovation 2.0

  • Chairperson
  • Choi Cheol Yeong
  • Professor
  • Daegu University

  • Speaker
  • Maruyama Shigeki
  • Director
  • Robert Owen Association of Japan

  • Speaker
  • Lee Jae Heung
  • Director
  • NPO IT Center

  • Panel
  • Kang Min Jeong
  • Professor
  • Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)

  • Panel
  • Dan Gudgeon
  • International Federation Services Manager
  • PyeongChang Organizing Committee for the 2018 Olympic & Paralympic Games

Special Session (Champagne Hall, 15:50~17:20)


Exploring the solution process of the next generation social problems including the youth
and the global young people who live in Daegu or who interested in the open concert.


Noh Hae Rang : Talk about Daegu Youth

Yu Chuanyang : Discuss Coexistence from the Stance of the Foreign students – Based on the Reality of Immigrants Discrimination in Daegu Area

Sarah Mweze Marie : I had a Dream

Ginger/ 羅尹君 : Hostel Talk, A Union of Hotels in Asia

Amanda Young : My Korean life [Examining experiences of an expat living in Daegu]

Angkula Titiwat : Development Potential: Daegu, Korea

  • Chairperson
  • Kwon Yeong Hyeon
  • President
  • Daegu Futuristic Women’s Association

  • Presenter
  • Noh Hae Rang
  • Broadcaster
  • GTV, New98 Radio Station (in Taiwan)

  • Presenter
  • Yu Chuanyang
  • International Student
  • Kyung Pook National University Faculty of Social Welfare

  • speaker
  • Sarah Mweze Marie
  • International Student
  • Kyung Pook National University Faculty of Social Welfare

  • Speaker
  • Ginger / 羅尹君
  • Supervisor
  • Taiwan Youth Hostel

  • Speaker
  • Amanda Young
  • Foreign Coordinator
  • Foreign Language School

  • Speaker
  • International Student
  • Kyungpook National University